Rain. Candle Light. Wind. Insomnia. Silence.


1:08 a.m.

Rain. It’s falling. Kamikaze style into the earth. No Fear. No Regrets. Just Falling. With driven intent. It has Purpose. It Serves. It Lives. Then Dies. And Ascends. Reliving the cycle. Over and Over. Never Complaining. Happy to Just Be. Rain.

Candle Light. It’s Alive. The Beautiful Aspect of Fire. Romantic in Nature. It can Dance. It will Whisper. But it can Hiss. And Burn. It’s Objective yet Sympathetic. Even Forgiving. Ironically Symbolic of Eternal Life.

Wind. It’s Unseen Force. The Invisible Element. Air in Motion. It’s the Breathe of the Universe. Comfortable with it’s Duality. Relishing in it’s Extreme. Satisfied with it’s Power. The Epitome of Freedom.

Insomnia. It’s my kinda Sleep. 9-5’ers Should Not Try This At Home. It’s Daylight for the Subconscious. Playtime for the Soul. Researching at it’s Best. Crappy Bed Mate at it’s Worse. No Cuddling Allowed. It Muddles the Mind Frenzy. And it Enjoys a Frenzied Mind. Many Beautiful Things come from a Frenzied Mind.

Silence. It’s a waiting Symphony. The Prelude to Thought. It’s where all the Geniuses hang out. It Speaks Creativity. But only Understands Peace. Both Soft spoken and Deafening. It is equally Heard. And Felt. Selfless and Indiscriminate. It came before there was Light. A Martyr to God’s first Word.


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Ronda is a Metaphysician, Spiritual Alchemist, Healer, Mentor, Speaker and Intuitive Tarot Reader. With over 30 years of independent study, research and working experience of Metaphysics, Theology, Occult Science, Astrology, Dream Analysis and Interpretation, Jungian Archetypes and Psychology, she is regarded as an expert in the field of spiritual transformation and development and is often referred to as The Enchanted Saint. Ronda's specialty is mentoring her clients to become spiritually self empowered, in order to move forward on their life's path with grace and inner peace. After many years of professional service, she has helped thousands of clients with relationships, coping with loss, death and divorce, career choices, health concerns, legal matters with a specialty focus on divorce and child custody, fertility and connecting with departed loved one's, spirit guides and angels. View all posts by rondasaint

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