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Aries New Moon 2013

Aries_chartThis New Moon heralds in the Astrological New Year in Aries on April 10th at 4:35 a.m. EST in the 2nd deacon at 21%.  Now, combine that with the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus also in Aries and you have the energies to kick into motion something amazing!

Aries energy if utilized in a positive manner will always provide you with the added energy and fire to get anything moving in the right direction. The Sun and Moon being opposite of each other, yet in the same sign, prove to be an easier alignment to work with. It is a wonderful balance of ego and emotion working towards the same end, or in this case in the same direction for a new beginning.

Venus will be 23 degrees and Mars 22 degrees of Aries. This is also another near perfect balance of the Female/Male – Ying/Yang energies. A beautiful union of Heart and Mind, giving you a universal blessing that your head should be following your heart right now! Yes, you read that correctly. Heart and head aligned. Imagine that. Like I said, it’s a blessing from the Universe and it, the Universe is giving you this particular New Moon and all its added energies to set fire to whatever or whoever ignites your passion. Your head will not be able to rationalize the comfort needed for your heart to survive its discomfort during this time. This is a good thing. Trust me on this one.

Uranus, the planet of the proverbial Left Field and Expect The Unexpected, is right there to shake up the balance of the four celestial bodies in an Aries kind of way. That is probably the only thing that can be expected of Uranus in all of this ironically. But the Universe does have its sense of humor, as it should. Who couldn’t use a good surprise? In this case, it may be something to put you back on course if fear should set in following that dream of yours. Depending on how much resistance your head is giving your heart to move forward, will determine what kind of left field situation you are going to find yourself facing to ultimately make your truest intentions happen. Leave it to Uranus in Aries, aligned with the Aries New Moon to make this happen. But then again, striking up a conversation with a complete stranger in the oddest place could also lead to the best career opportunity or the love of your life.

For the first time, in a long time…the Universe has your back…from all angles and is handing you a heavenly torch to light or re-light your own internal flame. Don’t blow it out.

As in all things, give thanks and have gratitude. It’s all for your higher good.


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