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She Talks To Angels

She Talks To Angels

She Talks To Angels

I do talk to my angels, frequently and openly at times. I don’t believe it matters if you speak to them verbally or silently in your head, because they hear you. They always hear you, and they will always respond, in one way or another.

I tend to silently send my message out, unless it feels urgent and extremely heartfelt, then it just comes out of my mouth, in the moment, without any real fore thought. I make it a point of course, not to do this in public by the way, and my children have on occasion, witnessed this dialog of mine at home and find it amusing. Or they are just being kind in letting me think they are amused. In any case, this thing that I have always had, talking to my angels and guides, has always served me well, and they have always answered. Their responseย usually comes immediately with either a very direct and unmistakable answer to an equally direct question, or i’m shown ย the guidance needed symbolically. But, it Always comes, without fail.

This morning I needed to talk to my angels. It was important and heartfelt and I had a question; Just one question. The issue was that it was one of those soul searching questions, that can only be answered with something that brings immediate peace. I got my answer. I got my answer immediately. And, I got an answer that was so profoundly direct, there was no mistaking it for mere coincidence. It gave me that immediate sense of peace. I am sure you know what kind of peace I am talking about too. The kind that overwhelms all of your senses, with a heartfelt feeling of love, comfort, relief and understanding, deeply knowing that everything is going to be fine. Along with the “Oh my God, they heard me!” kind of feeling. Yes, after all these years of talking to Angels, I still have that feeling each and every time they answer me.

Within moments of simply saying my guide’s name, my answer came. I didn’t say any other word, not silently or out loud, other than his name. My heart was heavy and I knew that that feeling alone conveyed the question itself. I let go and diverted my attention to a photo file on my phone. The third picture, unexpectedly, was my answer. The picture was a screen shot of an email from about a year ago, that held no profound meaning then, but I saved it anyway. Needless to say, what was in that personal email, was equivalent to my angel sitting there, talking to me.

The time 10:13 flashed as I closed the screen.

That isย my birth date.

And yes, I wear a cross around my neck and paint my eyes as black as night . . .





Sleeping with the enemy – Venus in Aries Trines Saturn

Those of you that have already contacted me this morning concerning relationship issues, had a taste of this energy for breakfast. Not too palatable, but necessary for healthy growth within a relationship. My own included. Ooo, a little personal disclosure there. haha I’m just as human as everyone else, and our relationship is just as fallible to difference of opinions and or beliefs as any other’s. And i’m okay with that, even when faced with this kind of energy.

It’s not the end of the world…or the end of your relationship. Or it may be. Only you would know what is the real underlying reasons with any possible discord in your otherwise happy relationship. If you’re not sure, or worse yet, choosing not to face important issues…the morning’s energy of this trine is your subconscious alarm clock..and you’ve already hit the snooze button every time you chose to concede for the sake of either just keeping the peace, or more importantly, finding some justification for fear of it being the beginning of the end. This trine will force you to face either one, or both and everything in between.

No relationship is perfect, and it’s a two way street. So whatever issue you may have with your partner, see where and how it mirrors the issues you may have with yourself. You can not address one without addressing the other within any relationship, romantic or otherwise, as all relationships start with ourselves.

The Good News: A mirror’s reflection is backwards. Keep that in mind when looking at your partner.

The Bad News: A mirror’s reflection is backwards. Keep that in mind when looking at your partner.

My Survival Tips:
1.Take a long look at yourself, before engaging with a list of emotional demands.
2.Take a long look at yourself, before engaging with a list of emotional demands.
3.Take a long look at yourself, before engaging with a list of emotional demands.

And yes, I practice what I preach. Just sayin’.


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