Venus Retrograde – Our Summer of Karma Part 1

Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde (Photo: Source Unknown)

 Venus stations Retrograde July 25th to September 6th.

I decided to write this article in a slightly different format than my usual astrological posts and articles, because it is all about our relationships, with each other, and ourselves, so what better way to discuss it than in a conversational manner. I hope that you enjoy it and welcome any questions or further discussion in the comment section.

The planet of beauty, love and desire, has begun her decent from light into darkness, in the heavens and in our hearts. This is a time to go within to re-evaluate not who or what we love, and who loves us, but Why we love, or not love. This understanding of the deepest part of our hearts is not just reserved for the people in our lives, but our relationship to everything in our lives. Such as money, food, our homes, cars, pets/animals including the clothing we wear, and our appearance. It is all relevant, and I will explain more on this aspect of the retrograde in another part of this week long series to help you through it and to understand this very intense and important retrograde.

 This energy is about understanding the dark side of love . . . with yourself. How many relationships have you had that ended in the same way? How many times have you asked yourself, “Why has this happened to me again?” Or, “Why does every relationship fail?”, “Will I ever find the love of my life?” “Why am I still not happy…satisfied…etc, etc” and the ultimate question, “What is wrong with Me?” Sound familiar? The common denominator here is the “Why” and not the guy that has commitment issues, or the psycho chic picking out baby names on your second date, or that you’re not pretty, thin, rich or smart enough. It’s the WHY you are drawing the type of people that are not meant for a lasting relationship with you. They are however, meant to help you understand your why, hidden in the shadows of your heart.

The people that you meet during this retrograde are what I like to call, ‘Walk Ins’. Have they stepped into your life for a reason? Yes, absolutely, but not for the reason you think, or hope for in the ‘Happily Ever After’ scenario. They have come into your life to help you learn something. Better yet, to help you understand something. Yourself.

Consider the upcoming 40 days and 40 nights of Venus’ Retrograde as your next bad relationship, that  has the ultimate happy ending. That is, if you can tolerate dating yourself for this amount of time, even if you are already in a relationship. This is what is needed of you – for you.

During the upcoming days and weeks, issues and people from your past relationships will more than likely reappear in your life. Be prepared, because the emotions attached to them will also resurface, along with the lesson your heart was trying to teach you the first time. If it is not the person from your past that revisits, it will be the same situation and issue, being revisited within a current relationship. Pay special attention to this. Within the lesson is your solution. Again, it is all about the ‘Why’, your why and not the other persons personality flaws.

If you haven’t noticed the underlying theme for this retrograde, it’s Karma. So, before you let out a little evil, “Yes!” for those you feel deserve it, keep in mind that the nature of Karma does not distinguish between good and bad, and just returns the energy of the message that helps us to heal. If you don’t think you need to heal, look to the areas of your life that you are not truly happy with. That is where you need to heal and where your Karmic experiences will repeat itself. And to help you make sure healing is at the forefront of your spiritual growth during this time, the Universe has lovingly thrown in four more retrogrades! Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. All retrograde. All attached to past life experiences and their lessons to be learned this time around. There is no escaping it, or yourself during our Summer of Karma. I will also explain this topic further in an upcoming article in this series.

But wait, there’s more!

Temptation will also flaunt itself in all of it’s shining Leo glory, making you think the grass really is greener in someone else’s pasture. Be weary of this, because someone else’s pasture also holds that someone else’s hell. And grass doesn’t grow in hell. Just saying.

Financial issues within a current relationship, personally or professionally will also come up, especially if this is an area that has repeatedly left you asking “Why?” Do you have a business that is not profitable? A house or car that is a money drain? How about your spending habits, are they out of control, or are you constantly feeling like there is never enough money to have what you want or need? Is money the replacement for your real relationships? This is a big one and is often experienced through the lack an emotional relationship with your family, because you need to make money to take care of them and provide all the material needs that you feel will make them happy. Like I said, this is a big one and more often an acceptable experience for the husbands and fathers who have become emotionally unattached.

Relationships that no longer serve your higher purpose, or theirs for that matter, will end. Again, another opportunity for you to consider your Why. This also applies to your relationships with food and money, as they are closely related to each other. Have you been on a diet that isn’t helping you lose weight? Maybe it’s not the diet itself, but your emotional view of what food actually means for you.

It is all in the Why, that you, and I create the Type of relationships that we have with everything and everyone in our lives. This very important and intense retrograde is here to help us take a step back, so that we can take that step within, to let go of what creates our unhappiness, our unhealthy views, and unloving self evaluations, in order to let in healthy, happy, healing love to help us grow spiritually. All of this spiritual work is to help allow us to enjoy our physical lives to their fullest. We are not meant to come into this physical world to suffer, and the lessons we need to learn about ourselves are not meant for us to accept failure. They are a part of this experience to help us realize our highest potential, and this and all retrogrades are simply a cosmic tool to help us achieve this state of being in the physical world.

So don’t panic, within what appears to be pending emotional chaos, actually lies spiritual order. A new beginning awaits us all when Venus turns direct at the end of the summer and a direct Saturn moves into Sagittarius.

Life really is a beautiful mess, isn’t it?

My Survival Tips:

1. Take all the energy that you would normally use to understand and get to know someone that you love and apply it to yourself.

2. Take all the energy that you would normally use to understand and forgive someone that you love and apply it to yourself.

3. Follow the rest of the articles in this series.

Peace, Love & Coffee!

The Enchanted Saint


Our Summer of Karma – Part 2

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