Ronda Saint Medieval Scapini Cards

Ronda Saint
Medieval Scapini Cards

Services provided include:  Spiritual and Metaphysical Mentoring, Tarot Readings (in-person, phone, email), Tarot Parties – Private, Public Venues and Benefits, Dream Interpretations, Home Blessings and religious ceremonies. All services can be purchased through The Enchanted Saint web site Here

As a Spiritual Alchemist and Mentor, Ronda helps you find the reason why a particular situation keeps repeating itself throughout your life and how to change it through a spiritual understanding of your soul and it’s purpose.
Private and confidential, one on one, Soul Solution Sessions, via phone or in person are scheduled for 1 hour increments.

Your Prayer Requests are always welcomed and are of course, free of charge.

All workshops and appearances will be listed on the Event Calendar as they are scheduled.

Do to the enormous amount of emails asking for my advice concerning every area of life that she receives, there will be a “Help Me Ronda!” Q & A page where general questions will be answered for others to hopefully gain information from. Please send your questions to

Tarot Readings: Ronda has been reading tarot intuitively for over 30 years and is available for private readings and public venues, such as restaurants, parties for all occasions and benefits. Private readings are available via email, phone and in person, by appointment only. Please send any questions that you may have to  There are special rates for Tarot Parties and public appearances within the RI and South Eastern MA area. Further locations may include travel expenses.

Dream Analysis and Interpretation: Dream analysis and interpretation has a history since the earliest recorded civilizations. In every village of every culture there was a dream interpreter. And always held in high regard by every King, Queen and Elder to help them discern the guidance of their higher selves.

So you may not be the King or Queen of your village, but understanding the guidance of your higher self is just as valuable and just as confusing to your conscious mind.

Your consciousness does not shut off when you sleep, it just switches to the visual language of your subconscious. Your subconscious is connected and part of the collective consciousness and expresses itself metaphorically through symbols.

Ronda understands the symbolic nature of the subconscious. She has been doing dream work since she was a very young child. This was due in part to her own intense dream visions and understanding them intuitively and leading to her life long independent study of Jungian Psychology.

“Metaphors and symbols translate very easily in my mind and this allows me to help you with understanding your own symbolic messages.” ~ Ronda Saint

All services can be purchased through The Enchanted Saint web site here


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