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Aquarius Full Blue Moon – If Gandhi was a Rock Star

Aquarius Full Blue Moon at 9:45 pm EDT in the spotlight of the opposing Leo Sun.

If Gandhi was a Rockstar

If Gandhi was a Rockstar

Your inner visionary is being given that, once in Blue Moon opportunity to “Be the change you wish to see” on your life’s stage. With Venus in it’s ruling sign of Libra, aspecting both Saturn AND Neptune, you may need to rely on your spiritual entourage to help with finding the beautiful balance between living the dream and actually creating the reality of it.

Just don’t let your screaming fans, the love and encouragement of your BFF’s, or the brightness of your own light, allow you to believe you’ve escaped healing through the side door of your endeavors. The exact square of Jupiter in Cancer and Uranus in Aries, both 13 degrees of their Cardinal Signs respectively, will be at play for another week with an aspect to Chiron in Pisces. Be prepared for your inner visionary, calling out your even deeper wounded wallflower to join them. It’s healing time! A healers greatest miracle is in healing himself first and an unhealed rock star, regardless of their kick ass lyrics, always ends up in rehab. And we are all, both healers and rock stars.

Be the change you wish to see, then share it with everyone. The universal stage is also your personal stage, spiritual entourage included. Toga’s are optional, mosh pits are acceptable and haters make you immortal. Rock on!



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